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Remove Websearch.searchandfly.info Hijacker, Redirect Virus Removal

Published by Olivia Hill on September 22, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

Websearch.searchandfly.info is a classic browser hijacker showing in the targeted computer out of no where. Covering by the similar interface of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Websearch.searchandfly.info could easily make a fool of most of the users and suddenly become the default search engine for them. Websearch.searchandfly.info just changed the original browser homepage and reset it without authorization. Whenever the Internet users used Websearch.searchandfly.info for searching, it could have the chance to redirect them to all kinds of unfamiliar sites with tons of pop-up ads and links. Websearch.searchandfly.info got installed in the computer with an evil intention to draw the innocent users to specified websites so as to make profits from them by using dirty means.

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Vista Protection 2014 Rogueware Manual Removal Tips (How to Guide)

Published by Lucas Allwood on September 19, 2014 on Fake Antivirus Programs

Vista Protection 2014 Description

Recently, a series of rogue devil has been infected with many Window OS system computers and continues to expanded. This rogueware belong to Rogue.FakeRean-Braviax family targeting at Windows operating system computers. The rogue named Vista Antivirus 2014 or Vista Protection 2014 is one of the rogue variants which similar to other rogue family member called Win8 Antispyware 2014, Win7 Potection 2014 and XP Antivirus 2014. Vista Protection 2014 is able to infect with Windows Vista system computer and damages system settings. It pretends as normal and official malware detecting software but the purpose is to trick users’ money through fabricating non-existing virus and malware. Windows computer users need to pay attention to this computer infection and keep it away from computer.

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Remove Ctsrda.com Hijacker Leading Nowhere But Sliding Ads, Need Effective Solution

Published by Patrick Watts on September 17, 2014 on Browser Hijacker, Uncategorized

What we talk about ctsrda.com here is the one followed by a string of random numbers and letters. It is a blank page that would popup on every click on a link and leads to pop-ups and sliding ads. It can be quite confused sometimes as why such meaningless item popup.

What Ctsrda.com Wants?

Popping up from nowhere in a form of web page is what browser hijacker does. Therefore ctsrda.com is identified as hijacker even though it shows nothing. By hijacking your browser, traffic will be accumulated to generate profitable revenue from pay-per click or click-through rate in a short period of time.

It is clear now that what ctsrda.com aims is money. To get more, ctsrda.com won’t bother delivering ads for online operators/advertisers. In return, those operators/advertisers have their products bundled with ctsrda.com to help with installation. This is why there are so many victims.

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Guide to Remove Web2.vegasworld.com, Browser Hijack Virus Tips

Published by Freddie Emmanuel on September 15, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

Web2.vegasworld.com Information

Web2.vegasworld.com is not a reputable domain that generally appears to Internet users in the form of uncontrolled pop-up window relative to online games. It has been considered as one type of malware relative to adware or browser hijack virus, significantly interfering with Internet users’ normal browsing routine. Web2.vegasworld.com malware currently triggers abnormal symptoms on common-used web browsers, some examples of which are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and more. Basically, Web2.vegasworld.com threat may act as a Page Jacking infection via forcibly change original DNS configuration as well as other web settings for the purpose of resulting in website traffic. To be specific, Web2.vegasworld.com may alter the start-up page, homepage, or a new tab window with the domain based on Web2.vegasworld.com.


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How to Remove SOBooster Fake Program, SO.Booster.exe Malware Removal

Published by Daniel Brook on September 12, 2014 on Spyware

SOBooster Brief Introduction

SOBooster is regarded as a maliciously obfuscated malware called rogueware, which is good at using the disguise of useful security software to trick online users into installing its potentially perilous malware and then compromising those targeted systems. The SOBooster actually in no method mitigates troubles to make infectious computer vulnerable but also carries out quite influxes of fake messages to scare you and efforts to persuade you to pay some potentially unwanted programs. Days after numerous online computer users’ computers were found to have been compromised by SOBooster, a major rogueware has turned their computers in high-risk. Usually, hijackers often use such SOBooster rogueware warnings to make money and steal confidential information.

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Remove SavingToYou Adware, Instructions to Get Rid of Pop-ups Easily

Published by Olivia Hill on September 11, 2014 on Adware

SavingToYou comes with an evil conspiracy and despicable means so as to reap ill-gotten gains from innocent users. SavingToYou might be bundled with other software and get installed into the computer by chance, and most of the users did not pay enough attention on it and ended in disastrous consequences. Once SavingToYou has successfully invaded into the targeted computer, users would receive various pop-ups constantly. As the online shopping is in popularity, SavingToYou seized the chance to pretend as a useful platform for user to get more discounts and great deals. For this reason, most of the users who are lacking of precaution consciousness would easily fall for SavingToYou and those deceptive pop-ups.

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How to Uninstall PastaLeads Adware, Manual Guide to Remove Pastaleads

Published by Lucas Allwood on September 5, 2014 on Adware

PastaLeads Review

PastaLeads refers to an adware which is able to enter computer without any permission. Pastaleads is not a virus or infection but it can also be distributed through free applications you download from third party. It can be bundled with those potential unwanted program and then damage your web life. Most victims have no idea that how it sneaks into their computer until they find there is something different when they enter key word into search blank. They discover that the search result display many related or unrelated terms about the key word. In fact, the victim browser is hijacked by Pastaleads this malicious program. These unwanted terms are all suspicious ads which are attributed to Pastaleads and the third party, so victims had better not click on it. Beyond the unwanted information, once your browser get Pastaleads, there is always a pop-up window in the front which says that it offers live computer tech support and totally free. However, victims should not convince that and never call any number it shows.

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BuenoSearch.com Hijacks and Intercepts Traffic, How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker?

Published by Patrick Watts on September 3, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

Why Anti-Virus Program Won’t Remove BuenoSearch?

Some anti-virus programs have found PUP.Optional.BuenoSearch.A and some claimed to be guilty files associated with buenosearch.com hijacker, but still they are not able to remove the hijacker. As a matter of fact, buenosearch.com is not technically a virus, it is a PUP that intercepts and generates traffic for rapid online promotion with some slightly modified BHO computing technique, which makes it different from the normal search engine with the capability of:

  1. sticking to a system and browser.
  2. hijacking homepage and new tabs frequently.
  3. changing search providers without consent.

PUP is a specific name created by security company to define such program like buenosearch.com that is going rogue and more is coming up. Some security utilities have been enhanced while some have not. Yet such enhancement is not enough to make non-virus items gone. Therefore, manual way is the most proper way out.

remove BuenoSearch from IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari

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How to Remove Trojan:Win32/Comame!gmb with Manual Method

Published by Freddie Emmanuel on September 1, 2014 on Trojan

Trojan:Win32/Comame!gmb Information

Trojan:Win32/Comame!gmb is one form of malware particularly programmed by cyber criminals who strive to disrupt targeted machine and steal valuable information off PC users. Up to now, the infection concentrates on assaulting Windows PCs that are short of high security protection. Trojan:Win32/Comame!gmb, similar as other traditional Trojan virus, can often permeate onto a user’s computer by adopting a variety of social engineering strategies. A study by Microsoft security center directly shows that Trojan:Win32/Comame!gmb virus may be delivered by spam emails containing malignant links or attachments. Another regular method of spreading the virus refers to as the infected removable drives such as USB sticks, mobile hard disk drive and more. PC users may also have the possibility to get infected with Trojan:Win32/Comame!gmb virus via visiting some hacked/compromised websites or downloading some unknown freeware or shareware resources on networks.

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How to Remove KingThink Pop-up Malware, Virus Removal Guides

Published by Daniel Brook on August 29, 2014 on Adware

KingThink Definition

KingThink is regarded as malicious malware dedicates to infecting Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more and stealing confidential information from the victimized system. The recently discovered KingThink pop-up malware also is known as the browser hijacker due to it can bring out huge damage to victimized web browsers. The KingThink threat released by cyber criminals has infected a lot of Internet users over the world. Since it is capable of stealing credit and debit card information and more other personal information from the infectious machine, victims mustn’t belittle it. The true nature of the KingThink can be said is a hazardous virus, which can lead to incredible damage regardless of system corruption or sensitive information exposure.

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