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Awesomehp.com Hijacks, Remove Search Engine Malware from Mac OS X and Windows

Published by Patrick Watts on February 8, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

Harms that You Don’t Know of

Qisupport Online Support would like to correct the misknowledge about awesomehp.com and its type; it is not a virus at all. Yet the understanding about its potential harm should be retained. Awesomehp.com is categorized as PUP (potentially unwanted program). This type mainly describes items that serve commercial purpose. In the age of network, PUP like awesomehp.com is created to help gather traffic and augment exposure rate of products.


To achieve the two goals within a short period of time is tough among thousands of hundreds of network optimization tools, JS and BHO techniques are adopted by some tools to cut corners. PUP thus comes into being. Awesomehp.com is one of the tools to adopt such techniques and it has recently hijacked a lot of traffic on many more machines and caused some troubles to make it unwanted:

  1. Awesomehp.com replaces homepage and search engines without permission.
  2. Awesomehp.com takes victims to commercial sites and its partners’ sites without authorization.
  3. Awesomehp.com provides more irrelevant search results than others.

In fact, there are other harms that most PC users don’t know of. Due to BHO technique, awesomehp.com manages to preload its object onto a target machine to make automatic running possible. This definitely modifies browser setting to result in web vulnerability, which can be taken advantage by other infections that are concealed in the Internet. What’s worse, Browser Helper Object is a DLL module, it has unrestricted access to the Internet Explorer event model, once being attacked by other infections because of the web vulnerability, virulent .dll and .exe files can be downloaded directly without any interference. As a result, JS technique, the one is generally used to optimize and customize surfing experience, will be utilized to help record online whereabouts and log-in credentials. This is why anti-virus programs are not able to take actions when email accounts sending out unsolicited letters containing malicious codes.

To stop awesomehp.com from redirecting you to spam sites and to further protect your computer security, it is worth the time to remove awesomehp.com from browsers and computers right away. Given the fact that awesomehp.com attacks Macs and computers, our experienced computer technician offers manual removal method applicable to Windows and Mac OS X. We kindly remind you of the possibility of additional infiltration. It is better to remove all vicious items so that a completely and thoroughly healthy computer can be guaranteed. Should you have any questions, you are welcome to start a live chat window for answers from Qisupport Online Support.

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Remove Awesomehp.com Search Engine Malware from Windows and Mac OS X

Step One: Reset browser settings to automatically clean every indications of awesomehp.com.

Internet Explorer – click its Tools menu to select Internet Options, which will prompt to you another window; tap Advanced tab to press Restore Defaults button.

reset IE
Mozilla Firefox – click on the Firefox menu button and go to Help option; a long list will be enabled; select Troubleshooting information then to press ‘Reset Firefox’ button in a pop-up window.

Google Chrome – click ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ menu to select ‘Options’, which will bring up another window; tap ‘Under the Hood’ tab to press ‘Reset to Defaults’ button.

reset gg4
Safari – click Safari menu to choose ‘Reset Safari’, which will bring up a window with options; tick them all before pressing ‘Reset’ button.

Reset safari
Opera – show hidden files and folders before removing Operapref.ini file under “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\”.

reset opera

Steps to show hidden files and folders:

  1. Windows 8: open Windows Explorer and browse to View tab; then tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
  2. Windows 7/XP/Vista: access ‘Control Panel’ to select user accounts and family safety; click open ‘Folder Options’ there to browse to View tab; finally tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
  3. Mac OS X: Click Finder to access Utilities folder; launch terminal there and paste “defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES” there; press return button then before holding ‘alt’ on the keyboard and right clicking on the Finder icon at once; finally press Relaunch button.

Tip: once finish, close down browsers and continue.

Step Two: Enter into system service to exterminate awesomehp.com’s service, if any.

Windows 8 – access Windows Explorer again to enable Administrative tools; double click on Services icon to remove/disable the awesomehp.com’s service.

Windows7/vista/XP – use Win key and R key to launch Run box; put in “services.msc” and hit Enter key will bring up services window; go and remove/disable awesomehp.com’s service.

run service
Mac OS X– access Finder again to select “Services”; next navigate to “Services Preferences” so as to tap “Services” on the left pane and non-tick the box next to awesomehp.com.


Step Three: Access Control Panel to remove any indication of awesomehp.com or its affiliates.

Windows 8 – click “Unpin” button in the bottom-right corner of Start Screen to choose ‘Control Panel’; then browse to “Programs and Features” for the removal of any associated items with awesomehp.com.

control panel
Windows 7/Vista/XP – access Control Panel from Start menu and go into “Add/Remove Programs” for the removal of any associated items with awesomehp.com.

uninstall a program
Mac OS X – click Apple menu to select “System Preferences”; then navigate to Dock and Display respectively for the removal of any associated items with awesomehp.com.

dock and display


Due to BHO and JS techniques are adopted by the network optimization tool, web vulnerability is taken into shape to increase the possibility to be attacked by other infections, especially PUP and web virus. Thus endless popup ads and additional toolbars can be anticipated. As a result, CPU will be consumed considerably to make a sluggish machine. It is wrong for many people thinking of it is alright to keep using awesomehp.com when it stays silent since sniffers, which is sensible to web vulnerability, will seek vulnerability for as more infiltrations as possible. Since awesomehp.com applies legit techniques, anti-virus programs are not able to help remove the PUP. Manual method is thus recommended by Qisupport Online Support. Provided that sufficient computer skill is unavailable, please feel free to seek professional assistance by starting a live chat window.

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