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How to Remove Newnext.me Malware Definitely, Uninstall Latest Virus

Published by Daniel Brook on February 24, 2014 on Adware

What Is Newnext.me

Newnext.me is a class of malicious adware, which has become one of the most perilous browser malware in the recent weeks and it exactly brings out quite incredible damage on the target PCs.

Newnext.me also is referring to the so-called malware (Read More), which work renders a variety of pop-ups such as ads, coupons, pop-under and sponsored links in order for profit-making. Newnext.me malware is carefully crafted by hijackers, is completely compatible with Internet browsers including Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. And done with that, the aggressive malware can work perfectly to compromise the target web browsers without any consent and govern it without any interference.

Newnext.me intrusive adware is capable of analyzing visiting sites on the target web browser, system information, online credentials, and information stored on Protected Storage. And then it will present pop-ups pertinent to the type of bogus goods or service features there to entice those innocent victimized Internet users into downloading or purchasing. By this way, the hijackers or cybercriminals can acquire money from the victimized Internet users.

Newnext.me malware can attack all kinds of Internet browsers although it is referring to one of the most stable browsers – Google Chrome. Newnext.me malware keeps popping-up every time the infectious web browser opens. This kind of computer infection can compromising the target web browser and alter it with malicious executable codes. All defaults must be changed, meaning that homepage, search engine, and startup can be replaced with the malicious site related with the Newnext.me.

Newnext.me malware stops victimized users from obtaining desired searches by overlapping them by writing malicious URL directly. The Newnext.me malicious virus can remember the sites that victimized users mainly users and interested in, so it can collect confidential data there to hijackers or direct victimized users towards to some malicious sponsored links immediately to lure them into being tricked. Newnext.me malware is quite aggressive just similar to the sort of browser hijacker virus.

Newnext.me: Properties and Dangers

  • Newnext.me is a perilous browser attack, can tamper with Internet setting esily.
  • Goal: Newnext.me malware attacks Internet Explorers in order to obtain malicious benefits. Displaying with victimized users with a series of bogus pop-ups to trick them in being trapped.
  • Risks: Newnext.me can compromise any Internet browser and gather confidential information to hijackers for participating illegal commercial activities to make money.
  • Damage: Newnext.me can probably entice in other malware and make the infectious machine totally failure. All programs run on the infectious machine would be disabled such as firewall or anti-virus program.

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Steps to Remove Newnext.me Malicious Adware from Internet Browser

Step 1

1. Click Start menu and open control panel option.

2. Access to the Control Panel window, refer to the below screenshots.

3. Scroll down and choose the unknown program related with the Newnext.me malware. You then click Remove or Uninstall button.
4. Next what you need to do is just follow the pop-up wizard to get the malware removed. If you are on Windows 8 read on please.
5. On Windows 8, locate at the desktop.

  • Reach the desktop, and move the mouse cursor around on the Start screen
  • The Apps button may pop-up.
  • Click on the Apps button, and get the Apps view.
  • Locate at the search box and search control panel there.
  • Click Control Panel under the Apps.

  • Locate at the control panel page window.
  • Locate at the program related with the Newnext.me malware.
  • Click Uninstall option. Finish the removal by the set-up wizard.

Step 2

1. Check Hosts File now. Locate at the Hosts file, it is a file named “Hosts” with no extension.

  • For Windows XP C:\Winnt\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • For Windows 7 and Windows Vista C:\Winnt\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

2. Right-click on the target hosts file and select Copy. And then paste at the desktop.
3. Double click the hosts file to open with corresponding application (such as text editor).

4. Delete all the entries added by the risk when the hosts file opens. Refer to the below screenshot.

5. Check the proxy settings.

  • Start the Internet Explorer.
  • Click on separately click Tools Internet options, and then Connections.
  • Click on LAN settings to open the LAN settings menu.
  • Ensure to uncheck the use a proxy server as your LAN.

Step 3

1. Remove the Newnext.me malware from Internet Explorer.

  • Restore the Internet Explorer.
  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • Access to the Main menu.
  • Click: “Tools” and choose “Internet Options”.

  • Locate at “General” tab and delete Newnext.me there from “Home page” box.
  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • On the same page, access to search section. Open Settings.
  • On “Search Providers” options, choose and “Set as default” a search provider.
  • Remove Newnext.me and click Ok.

2. Remove the Newnext.me from Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome menu and select Settings.
  • Locate at the “On startup” section and choose “Set Pages”.
  • Delete the Newnext.me malware site by pressing X symbol. Press Ok.
  • Locate at the “Appearance” section, check “Show Home button” option.
  • Choose “Change” Remove Newnext.me from “Open this page” box.

3. Remove malware from Mozilla Firefox.

  • Click on “Firefox” menu button and go “Options”.
  • In “General” tab delete the unwanted homepage from “Home Page” box.
  • From Firefox menu, go to “Tools” > “Manage Add-ons”.
  • Choose Extensions and remove all malware extensions.

  • Type about:config on Firefox URL box and press Enter key.
  • Click at “I’ll be careful, I promise” button.
  • You then get s string related with the target malware, right click on it and select reset.

4. After all steps mentioned above finishes, you need reboot the infectious machine.

At Last

Virus such as the Newnext.me aggressive malware, are distributed by hijackers aiming at acquire money by tricking target Internet users into following links or pop-ups reflected on the virus site. This sort of malware conceals its existence by bundling with spam emails or web extensions. When users receive an email message supporting to be from some legitimate companies and unwarily follow the links reflected on email message, the Newnext.me virus can seize the chances to infiltrate on web extensions without any need of permission. Actually, the hijackers just package the virus with spam emails. In addition, Internet users usually get infected with such virus just while they are downloading or upgrading web extensions. Newnext.me often informs users that web extension is outdated and attempts to convince online users into updating.

However, just one click, the established Newnext.me malware can flip into the target machine quickly. If you still need help to completely remove the malware, you can ask for professional help with QiSupport Online Service

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