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Remove ActivePlayer.us Pop-up Adware, How to Remove Malware

Published by Daniel Brook on June 9, 2014 on Uncategorized

ActivePlayer.us is regarded malicious malware called adware, however, the ActivePlayer.us is perilous for Internet users. It not only renders a lot of malicious pop-ups such as coupons, ads, pop-under and more to lure online users into being trapped but also efforts to compromise their computers and steal sensitive information there. In terms of behavior, ActivePlayer.us is particularly perilous for Internet users. Its behavior is very similar to the previous malware called World.catchdock.eu. ActivePlayer.us pop-up malware focuses on compromising the Internet browsers and steal confidential details. In addition, the ActivePlayer.us malicious adware also increases the risk of users being affected by other malware. The ActivePlayer.us malicious adware can constantly exploit system vulnerabilities to make the infectious PC totally vulnerable for entice in more malware.

Besides that, the ActivePlayer.us malware still can check for the presence of anti-virus programs and disable them to allows malicious payloads adding on the targeted machine without need of admin privileges. How does the ActivePlayer.us attack carry out? The ActivePlayer.us pop-up adware can be bundled with those potentially unwanted third-party Windows programs. Bundling the ActivePlayer.us with those unsafe programs would be able to log into the malicious codes in system, send malicious files to the targeted machine and then finish attack. How would victimized users recover from this ActivePlayer.us pop-up malware attack? One safest and quickest way is to remove the ActivePlayer.us manually from the victimized PC in which needs a correct virus files and registry entries deletion. If couldn’t get rid of those leftovers definitely, ActivePlayer.us malware will attacks the victimized machine again.

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How to Remove the ActivePlayer.us Malware (One by One Step)?

Uninstall ActivePlayer.us Malware from Windows

1. Click Start menu and lick on the control panel option.

2. Access to the Control Panel window, you will be presented with one of 2 different screens according to the version of Windows.

3. Next it may take one minute to fully populate all programs you have installed. Locate at the target program. Next right click the program related with the ActivePlayer.us and select Remove or Uninstall on its right side.
4. Most software will ask you if you are sure you want to remove it. Please click the next button as the set-up wizard. Next click the Uninstall button. Click Finish button after the removal complete.

Uninstall ActivePlayer.us from Windows 8

1. Open the Control Panel from the start button as well. For Windows 8 users, navigate to the Control panel, you can try this way. When you see the desktop, just move the mouse cursor around on the Start screen to reveal a new Apps button.

2. Click on the Apps button to display the Apps view, there is a search box on the top right corner.

3. Type the control panel in the search box and you then can see the control displays there. Click on to open it.

4. Also can click on Search icon –> type in ‘add or remove‘ –> select Add or remove programs.

5. Locate at the program related with the ActivePlayer.us virus and click Uninstall option. You then just need finish the removal process as the pop-up wizard.

Remove ActivePlayer.us Left Files and Registry Entries

1. In order to easily and exactly find the target files about ActivePlayer.us pop-up malware you may show hidden files first.

Click Start button. Go to Control Panel

Double click on Files and Folder Option

Select View tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.”

Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

Click Ok to apply all changes.

2. Delete ActivePlayer.us files from Local Disk. Click on Start button and open My Computer/Computer, and then open local disk, find the below files and delete them.

%Temp%\ [random].exe

3. Delete the virus registry entries. Press Windows + R keys to reveal Run box and type regedit in Run window, click ok to open Registry Editor.

4. In Registry Editor window, and delete related registry entries.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”


ActivePlayer.us pop-up malware attempts to steal credentials from the compromised machine. Besides that the pop-up ads reflected on the ActivePlayer.us malware can boost increasingly malicious traffic and gain benefits from per-pay-click, phishing attacks may also increase as well. This kind of ActivePlayer.us web browser malware has been commonly seen over the cyber world. Quite a few of hijacker gangs exploit such malware and aim to acquire benefits. To accomplish this goal, the ActivePlayer.us malware will access to the victimized users’ details including names, physical addresses, phone numbers, emails addresses and passwords. Therefore, the ActivePlayer.us malicious adware should be removed from the infected system as quick as possible in case of further damage. If need help, you can ask for professional help with QiSupport Online Service

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