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Remove Best-Found.com Redirect Virus, How to Remove Browser Hijacker

Published by Lucas Allwood on February 15, 2014 on Uncategorized

Best-Found.com is categorized as browser hijacker, also known as redirect virus. This malicious website is able to make a mess to your online life and temper with your default settings of your browser. The home page and search engine are changed to the unwanted ones and users who got this infection may find that it is not easy to remove it from their browsers in spite of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
How can I define if my browser has been infected with Best-Found.com redirect virus? The obvious symptom is that you discover the startup page and home page are redirected to Best-Found.com domain without your permission. And each time you want to open a website, it will redirect you to its domain or a website you are undesirable. Moreover, the default search engine is altered secretly to another you are unfamiliar with even malicious one. Users may use its search engine and enter key words to find necessary. It seems as normal as other legitimate search engines do, but then you will find that it shows more unwanted websites among the search results including unsafe websites and some sponsored websites. The annoying ads and constant pop-ups are following once you suffer from the website. It may be utilized by hackers or criminals to acquire your browsing history, your online activities via cookies and kits.

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How did you get Best-found.com infection? Best-Found.com is an ad-supporting website, so it may be bundled with adware. If you installed adware by accident, you may install malicious program of best-found.com. And it is likely to be embedded into free applications which you can download from program websites, or it can conceal in the PDF attachment of spam emails with attracting themes. Best-Found.com browser hijacker is so dangerous that users need to remove it quickly. Please follow the manual removal guide from QiSupport Experts.

How to Remove Best-Found.com Browser Hijacker Manually

Uninstall Related Programs

For Windows 7/vista:

1.Open Start menu and find Control Panel.
2.Click on Uninstall a program or Add/Change Programs.

3.Scroll down program list and select malicious programs related to Best-Found.com.
4.Right click on Uninstall or Uninstall/Change button.

5.Click Yes when pop-up message ask if you want to uninstall the program.
6.Follow uninstall guide till finished.

For Windows 8:

1.Go to Metro IU and click on App button at right bottom.

2.Type “uninstall a program” in search field.

3.Select programs related to Best-Found.com and click on Uninstall button.
4.Follow uninstall wizard till finished.

Reset Browser Settings


1.Open Tools menu and choose Manage Add-on option.
2.When the window opens, choose Search Providers tab and choose a search engine as default.

3.Open Tools menu again and choose Internet Options.
4.In General tab, type a new address in the blank as home page.

5.Click OK to save change.


1.Open Tools menu and choose Settings option.
2.In the showing window, click on Show Advanced Settings.

3.Click on Set pages with underline to reset startup page.

4.Click on Change page with underline to reset home page.
5.Click on Manage Search Engine button to remove unwanted search engine and choose one as default.


1.Find out and click on dropdown button of search engines on the toolbar.
2.Choose Manage Search Engine, and then remove unwanted search engine and choose one you want.

3.Open Tools menu and choose Settings.
4.In General tab, type new address for Firefox home page. Click OK.

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Remove Leftovers

For Windows 7/vista:

1.Click on Start button and then type “regedit” to search Registry Editor.
2.When the window opens, unfold the entry trees and find out entries of Best-Found.com under the keys of your browser.

3.Delete all the infected entries.

For Windows 8:

1.Go to Search field by press Windows + S together.
2.Type in “regedit”.
3.When the window opens, unfold the entry trees and find out entries of Best-Found.com under the keys of your browser
4.Delete all the infected entries.


In the age of information, various cyber threats are peeping at the vulnerability of websites and computers. Browser hijacker like Best-Found.com is utilized by hackers to display ads or pop-ups even collect users’ online data for malicious intension. The common malicious characteristics are concluded as modifying default homepage to their domain and replace default search engine. Users should pay attention to the suspicious extensions and programs added on your browser and computer system, for that they may be associated with Best-Found.com browser hijacker.
If you need help of removing Best-Found.com redirect virus, please click the button here.

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