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Remove coolwebsearch.com – Guidance to Completely Eliminate the Browser Hijacker

Published by Olivia Hill on December 5, 2013 on Browser Hijacker

Being infected with a browser hijacker like the coolwebsearch.com might be considered as one of the most common scenes in today’s network world. In most cases, PC users don’t even know about the infection until they suddenly found the browser homepage has been secretly changed to the coolwebsearch.com. Knowing that it is definitely not authorized to do this modification, users began to realize that the computer and the browser might have been infected with malicious hijacker. Even they wanted to get rid of it, browser hijacker like the coolwebsearch.com is usually too stubborn to be removed, especially for those novice users who are not so familiar with the computer, will only make things more complicated.

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Since the coolwebsearch.com could also be regarded as an adware, users would encounter plenty of various pop-up ads constantly displaying in the computer. Most of the ads content was related to commodity sales promotion, showing up with flashing words or pictures in order to attract the ignorant users then induce them to click on the ads links and visit the corresponding websites. The coolwebsearch.com was created as an advertising platform for advertisers to promote goods and services so that it could make a profit from them. To some extent, the coolwebsearch.com has met the needs of the masses of the users in the present life, but have to say, it would also be accompanied with much potential safety trouble.

The coolwebsearch.com could not only take control of the browser homepage, but also do some other settings to add many unwanted extensions in the browser to achieve its purpose. These newly plug-ins could decelerate browser’s loading speed and gradually aggravate its performance. More than that, as the coolwebsearch.com could arbitrarily redirect users to any webpage, there might be a chance for them to inadvertently visit some corrupted webpages filled up with tons of viruses or malware and get seriously infected. Under this circumstance, the best way to solve the problem is to completely remove the coolwebsearch.com and all the attached add-on in the browser.

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How to Remove coolwebsearch.com Step by Step

1. Disable the related processes of the coolwebsearch.com

1)Open the Task Manager window by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del composite keys at the same time.

2)Click on the Processes tab, find out all the running processes related to the coolwebsearch.com and disable them.

3)Close the current window.

2. Remove the coolwebsearch.com and all the unwanted program it added

1)Click on the Start menu, then click on the Control Panel.

2)Click on the Add or Remove Programs in the panel.

3)Search for the coolwebsearch.com and all its attached programs in the showing programs list, highlight them then click on the Remove button.

4)Follow the wizard till it finished the removal.
5)Refresh the list to make sure if the coolwebsearch.com was removed.

3. Reset the browser

Internet Explorer

1)Start the Internet Explorer, click on Tools then the Internet Options.

2)Click on the Advanced tab, then click the Reset button.

3)Click on the General tab, put a new URL in the homepage box.

4)Click OK button to save the changes.
5)restart the Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

1)Open the Mozilla Firefox, click on the Firefox menu button. Then locate the Help then click on the Troubleshooting Information.

2)In the showing Troubleshooting Information page, click on the Reset Firefox button.

3)Confirm the reset request.
4)Click the Firefox button and choose the Options.

5)Click the General tab, type a new address as the homepage in the box, then click OK.

6)Restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

1)Launch the Google Chrome and click on the Settings in the list.

2)Click on Show advanced settings.
3)Click on Reset browser settings button.

4)In the Settings windows, click on the Show Home button in the Appearance section.
5)Click on the Change link, type a new address in the box then click on OK.

6)Restart Google Chrome.


The coolwebsearch.com browser hijacker usually hid in some software installation packages, once being downloaded together into the computer, it will freely install itself in the browser and do whatever it wants to make a mess. In most cases, unwanted programs would like to mix in the optional items with the default permission to be installed. And most of the users did not pay enough attention during the installation, unconsciously letting the unwanted programs even malware have their way. Sometimes, malware or vrius could also be hanging up in some abnormal websites, waiting for the ignorant users to browse the corrupted webpages and get infected.

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