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Remove FBI Anti-Privacy Warning Virus, Android Lock-PC Scam Virus Removal

Published by Olivia Hill on February 26, 2014 on Ransomware

FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus using a counterfeit name to achieve the evil plan for cybercriminals who have put a lot of thoughts on how to make exorbitant profits from the innocent users. Once the baleful virus was created and released on the Internet, more and more computers would become the targets and get infected with it immediately. Being infected with the FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus, user’s computer would be firmly locked for a very long time, just because the targeted user was accused of being violating the relevant laws and then the FBI related agencies have investigated this matter and now reported it. Actually, all the accusation and intimidation from the FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus was definitely false, it was just a trick played by cybercriminals who created the virus so that the users would be oppressed and fall for the trap naturally, so users should debunk the conspiracy and remove FBI Anti-Privacy Warning Android virus immediately.

When the FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus successfully intimidated and threatened the innocent users with false accusation, it would seize the chance to achieve its main purpose, asking the users to pay a bogus fine within the limit time, otherwise the users could get into more trouble and the computer would be locked forever and all the personal files and data in it would gone. With the shocking warnings delivered from the FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus, the innocent users could not figure out the truth easily, furthermore, they were so afraid of being investigated for more responsibility even they knew they were innocent and should not feel guilty about it. Even so, they still worry about all the critical files remaining in the captured computer, suddenly they would think that a little payment would not be hurt. However, even the money was paid as requested, the lock-up PC situation would still not change a bit.

With the computer being continually locked by FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus, its protection system could become weaker and weaker and finally could not resist any malicious attacks any more. Under this circumstance, the compromised system would be the favorite target for various viruses. With no defense at all, cunning virus could easily infiltrate into the system then taking up the system resources little by little until it was overused then ended in crash. In that case, the computer would be dysfunctional and system failures happened frequently. Cybercriminals would take advantage of this opportunity to make further damages to the computer and users. Such as stealing or deleting user’s important files without permission, even using user’s personal data and identity for illegal deals so that the users would get into serious trouble wrongly .

So, users have to remove FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus as soon as possible before it’s too late. If you are afraid of encountering any trouble during the removal, please click on the button then turn to the QiSupport Online PC Experts.

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How to Remove FBI Anti-Privacy Warning Virus Thoroughly

1. Reboot the computer then enter Safe Mode with Networking

1) Press the Reset button on the case to reboot the infected computer.
2) Constantly press the F8 key before the computer loading in Windows interface.

3) Use the arrow key to select the Safe Mode with Networking in the Windows Advanced Options.

4) Press Enter key to log in this mode normally.

2. Disable the running processes of FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus immediately

1) Use the key combination(Ctrl+Alt+Del) to open the System Task Manager conveniently.
2) In the displayed Processes tab, select the unwanted item from the list then click on the End Process button to disable them all.

3) Close the Task Manager dialog.

3. Remove all the registry entries and leftovers of FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus

1) Press Windows+R keys to open the Run box.

2) Input “regedit” in the Run search bar then click on the OK button to open the Registry Editor.

3) Search for the registry entries of FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus then delete them carefully.

4) Delete the related registry keys as well.
5) Find out the files built by FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus then remove them immediately.
6) Restart the computer once finished the removal.

FBI Anti-Privacy Warning virus has caused such panics to the masses of the users and also enormous losses. Because most of the users were shocked by the counterfeit banner named after FBI, they could not realize that the real law enforcement agency would never do such thing like locking up user’s computer via the Internet then asking for a payment, it was the idiomatic pattern that a cyber scam would be. After having been through the farce causing by the cyber scam virus, all the PC users should be vigilant and prepared for the malicious infections all the time. Because cunning virus always has the ability to invade into the targeted computer with improper ways, and the users are lacking of precaution consciousness, leaving the virus so many chances to have its way easily.

In order to avoid being victimized by deceptive virus again, users would better stop the infection from the spread. As most of the viruses were often bundled with freeware and most of the users prefer free downloads in an effort to convenience, in this case, the tricky virus would have the chance to get in the system and do whatever it wanted without user’s awareness and permission. To be on safe side, users would better make a termly scan on the whole system so that they would detect any suspicious infection in a timely manner and take remedial measures about it. Remember to upgrade the antivirus or other protection tools to the latest version, just make sure to get prepared for the fast-growing virus technology. If you want to learn more effective methods about dealing with FBI Anti-Privacy Warning Android virus, you are welcome to make a contact with the QiSupport Online Experts by clicking on the button.

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