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Remove ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak Scam Virus to Unlock Your PC/Android Phone

Published by Olivia Hill on December 25, 2013 on Ransomware

ICE Cyber Crime Center Android Phone virus is an appalling ransomware suddenly arising on the Internet and widely spreading in the United States. Anyone who encountered this virus would have to put up with the lock-up PC/Android phone situation which was so unreasonable and unfair. With the nonsense warning message delivered by the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus blocking the screen, targeted users would no longer access any application or file in the computer. Even they rebooted the computer intending to get rid of the lock-up nightmare but failed. In that case, the only and best solution is to remove ICE Cyber Crime Center Android Phone virus thoroughly.

It must be noted that the ICE Cyber Crime Center has nothing to do with the virus. With the help of the reputation and credibility, sinister cyber criminals used the virus successfully bluffed the ignorant users by accusing them of violating the relevant laws which was definitely a false accusation. According to the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus, users have to pay a find of $300 via the MoneyPak in the exchange of the unlock code and also as the punishment, otherwise, the targeted users would be exposed and get arrested by the police, and all the important files in the computer would be forcibly confiscated. Under this circumstance, most of the users would easily get panic and so worried about the computer and files, so they chose to faithfully pay the money as it requested, hoping to end this mess soon.

Actually, the $300 fine of ICE Cyber Crime Center virus was made up and it was definitely illegal. More than that, there was no unlock for users to solve the lock-up problem, it was just the cunning trick played by cyber criminals with the intention to defraud the innocent users for money. As the majority of users did easily fall for the trap, paying the money instead of calling the police or the relevant departments, letting the criminals be more rampant and commit crime time and time again, causing more and more users suffered the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus. With the lock-up situation unsolved for a long time, user’s computer was so vulnerable for any dangerous attacks. In this case, plenty of virus, Trojans and malware would take advantage of it, sneaking into the system and make serious damages. And once the important files have been revealed or stolen by cyber criminals, the consequences would be disastrous. So, users have to stop all the messes timely by removing ICE Cyber Crime Center virus immediately before terrible things happening to the computer.

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Instructions to Remove ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus Completely

Step One: Restart the computer and log in Safe Mode with Networking

1. Launch the computer then press F8 key before it loads in the Windows.

2. In the Windows Advanced Options, locate the Safe Mode with Networking then press Enter key.

Step Two: Disable the related processes of ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys at the same time, the Task Manager window will pop out automatically.
* Open the Run Command then type the “taskmgr” in the search bar and press Enter key, you can also open the Task Manager.

2. Click on Processes tab, search for all the running processes of ICE Cyber Crime Center virus, and disable them one by one.

3. Close the current window.

Step Three: Remove ICE Cyber Crime Center virus registry entries

1. Click on the start button then open the Run Command in the menu.

2. Type “regedit” in the search box then press Enter key.

3. In the pop-up Registry Editor window, search for the registry entries of the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus and remove them.

4. Search for the file of ICE Cyber Crime Center virus and remove it.
*Show up the hidden files in the system first.

Windows 7/XP

1) Click on the start button then click on the Control Panel.

2) Click on the Appearance and Personalizations.
3) Click on the Folder Options then click on the View tab.
4) Select the Show hidden files and folders and uncheck both the Hide extensions for known files types and Hide protected operating system files(Recommended).

5) Click on OK button.

Windows 8

1) Open the Start image then click on the Windows Explorer.

2) In the pop-up window, click on the View tab then choose he File name extensions and Hidden items.

3) Save the changes.

5. Restart the computer immediately.

ICE Cyber Crime Center Android virus has caused an uproar in the United States, ransacking the innocent users for a lot of money and coupling with terrible consequences to their computers. Most of the victims could not deal with the lock-up PC and easily became the puppets for cyber criminals, honestly follow the demands. This cunning ransomware often invaded into the targeted system with many improper ways. Once it succeeded, it would secretly disable all the antivirus and antispyware in the system just in order to strive for more time to work for its evil plan, that’s why the users would never notice anything wrong until things getting serious. Users should learn to be vigilant about furtive infections and always be well prepared for any kind of attacks. Such as pay attention on the computer performance and detect system exceptions in time, give no opportunity to take advantage of the computer. If you want to learn more effective method to against ICE Cyber Crime Center Android Phone virus, please make a contact with the QISupport Online Experts and dig more.

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