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Remove Search.StartNow.com and Restore HomePage

Published by Patrick Watts on February 21, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

What Is Search.StartNow.com

Search.StartNow.com replaces default homepage to give search results according to input queries. However, due to its arbitrary behaviours of modifying browser settings without permission, startnow search has been widely defined as browser hijacker. There are still some nuances between browser hijacker and virus. The latter replicates itself in large amount to affect and overwrite critical items, while the former doesn’t. That’s the exact reason why search.startnow.com cannot be removed by anti-virus program.

Search.startnow.com hijacks homepage


Why Search.StartNow.com Hijacks?

Actually, browser hijacker like search.startnow.com is created to help promote sales for operator with poor market competitiveness and thus obtain profitable revenue for its author. By hijacking homepage, search.startnow.com manages to modify DNS settings and distribute some traffic to its partners’ sites while offering some related results. In such way, search.startnow.com delivers potential clients to its partners. However, this can be dangerous and make victims take risk of being affected by more virus prejudicing PC performance to great extent. To get more information about this aspect, it is recommended to finish this article. Should you have questions on the information or the removal instruction at the end, you are welcome to consult specialized professor at Qisupport Online Support.

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Is Search.StartNow.com Dangerous?

As we know from the preceding paragraphs, most partners of search.startnow.com are primarily operators with poor competitiveness. There are several factors to result in poor competitiveness in the marketing network: 1) new operators; 2) loosely programmed web page; 3) lengthy spam information. Once a victim is trying to access such web page offered by startnow search, CPU will spike high as more resource is required to deal with loose programming so as to show a web page. Provided that several sites are opened together with the loosely programmed site, a browser may very well crash.

Besides, bug can be found on loosely programmed web page. That is to say there’s a big chance to be attacked by infections when accessing some of the results given by search.startnow.com as infections are adept at taken good advantage of bug for penetration. On this occasion, JavaScript technique to help search.startnow.com remember online whereabouts and distribute traffic will be utilized by infections to collect log-in credentials, which can lead to serious damage to those who use online bank.

Therefore it is advisable to remove search.startnow.com as early as possible to deter more damages and complex issues that would prevent complete removal. Below is self-help guide to remove search.startnow.com offered by Qisupport Online Support. Stick to the steps in order. On the occurrence of unexpected problems that block removal, please feel free to start a live chat window for on-demand help.

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Self-help Guide to Remove Search.StartNow.com from Windows and Mac OS X

Step one
Reset browser to automatically remove search.startnow.com thoroughly.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open IE’s Tools menu to select Internet Options.
  2. Next tap Advanced tab to press Restore Defaults button.
  3. Search.startnow.com will not be removed until “OK” button is pressed finally.
    reset IE to remove search.startnow.com

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox’s menu to select Help.
  2. Next click on Troubleshooting information to locate ‘Reset Firefox’ button on a pop-up window.
  3. Search.startnow.com will not be removed until ‘Reset Firefox’ button is pressed finally.
    reset firefox to remove search.startnow.com

Google Chrome

  1. Spread ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ menu for ‘Options’.
  2. Tap ‘Under the Hood’ tab to remove search.startnow.com by pressing ‘Reset to Defaults’ button.
    reset chrome to remove search.startnow.com


  1. Navigate to “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\”.
  2. Remove Operapref.ini file will help reset Opera and remove search.startnow.com.
    reset opera to remove search.startnow.com


  1. Spread Safari menu and choose ‘Reset Safari’.
  2. Tick all given options before pressing ‘Reset’ to reset Safari.
    Reset Safari to remove search.startnow.com

Step two
Set default homepage.

Internet Explorer

  1. Access IE’s tool menu and navigate to ‘Search Providers’.
  2. Set the search engine you like and finish by pressing “OK” button.
    set homepage to replace search.startnow.com

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Access Firefox’s tools menu for Options.
  2. Select the desired search engine from the dropdown menu in the Search bar and click the arrow next to the search engine icon.

Google Chrome

  1. Spread ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ menu for ‘Settings’.
  2. Click dropdown menu to select desired search engine under Search section.
    set homepage to replace search.startnow.com


  1. Spread Opera’s menu for “settings”.
  2. Browse to “Preference” and tap General tab.
  3. Locate “Home page” and set your desired search engine.
    set homepage to replace search.startnow.com


  1. Access ‘Safari’ menu to select ‘Preferences’.
  2. Tap “General” tab and select desired search engine for “Default search engine”.
    set default homepage to replace search.startnow.com


Summary Plus

Search.StartNow.com symptoms

  1. search.startnow.com hijacks default homepage, replaces default search engine.
  2. search.startnow.com provides more commercial sites than reputable search engine does.
  3. search.startnow.com may install additional web application.
  4. it takes longer to load a web page.
  5. CPU usage may be unstable.

Ways Search.StartNow.com penetrates
For now, the major way for search.startnow.com to land on a machine is to make use of bug/vulnerability/backdoor. There’s odds for other web applications to install search.startnow.com in passing. That’s why most PC users can’t recall when to install the browser hijacker. People should also pay more attention when downloading and installing third-party programs, freeware and shareware particularly. To get funds and support operation, such program would allow object like search.startnow.com to piggyback on it.
Search.StartNow.com complete removal is required
Though search.startnow.com is not technically a virus, complete removal is still highly stressed by Qisupport Online Support. It can be said that almost all programs would load down files containing its information and some running commands onto a target machine so as to guarantee a full play. On the occurrence of remnants after uninstall, conflicts or incompatibility could happen over time when another program is about to install. As a result, some files can be corrupted to give rise to malfunctions.

Be noted: the above self-help instruction is exclusively applicable to search.startnow.com removal. In the event that additional infections have successfully attacked bug/vulnerability/backdoor and fulfill its infiltration, more steps should be taken. If you are not able to deal with search.startnow.com and its incidental issues, you are welcome to get real-time help by starting a live chat window.

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