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How to Remove Soraxi.com Virus, Guide to Remove Browser Hijacker

Published by Lucas Allwood on May 7, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

Soraxi.com Review

Soraxi.com is a malicious website which acts as browser hijacker. Soraxi.com is also recognized as redirect virus that can corrupt browsers such as IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once users find this Soraxi.com redirect virus, it is advisable to remove immediately for fear that it makes further damages to computer system.

Soraxi.com redirect virus is not a technical virus but browser hijacker, which is able to modify default browser settings and then control it for malicious intention. Users were confused that why they open their browser with an unknown website addressed Soraxi.com. Soraxi.com sneaks into computers with any consent and users found this virus when their startup page or home page was replaced by Soraxi.com. Users can see that Soraxi.com supports Google in Turkey. Though it uses Google Search as its search engine, we can’t ensure whether the suspicious website uses black hat SEO to trick users. Users can’t access to websites you want if you enter your keywords in the search blank. Soraxi.com is supposed to be ad-supporting platform that displays plenty of annoying commercial ads in the search results. And users may suffer from constant pop-ups. Users should know that Soraxi.com is able to trace your personal data in the infected browser so that it can analyze your habit and promote local business information. And the unauthorized modification is not good to your browser security.

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Due to it is a threat to browser and computer, users may want to get rid of Soraxi.com as soon as possible. But in most of time, they can’t find an efficient way to remove Soraxi.com. Please follow the manual removal guide below or chat with QiSupport Online Experts for personal tech service.

Guide to Remove Soraxi.com Manually

Step A: Reset Browser


1.Open Chrome menu and choose Settings. And then choose Show Advanced Settings.

2.Click on Reset Browser Settings.
3.Check the reset items and click on Reset.


1.Open Tools menu and choose Internet Options.
2.Choose Advanced tab, and click on Reset button. When it pops up a message, click on Reset.
3.Then click on Close.


1.Open Firefox menu and choose Troubleshooting Information in Help menu.
2.Then click on Reset Firefox button and click Reset Firefox in pop-up message.

Step Two: Reset Browser Shortcut

1.Right click on the icon of infected browser and choose Properties option.
2.In pop-up window, choose Shortcuts tab and locate at the Target filed. Delete “http://www.saraxi.com”. And click on OK.

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Step Three: Uninstall Related Programs

1.Click on Start menu and access to Control Panel. Then, choose Uninstall a program / Programs and Features.
2.Select unwanted adware and suspicious programs, and click on

Step Four: Clean the Leftovers

1.Access to Control Panel and choose Folder Options.
2.Choose View tan and select “show hidden files and folders” item. Click Ok.
3.Press Windows+R together to access to Run Command Box. And type in “regedit” and press Enter.
4.Navigate entry trees and delete all the infected registries about Soraxi.com.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced “ShowSuperHidden” = 0

How to Avoid Soraxi.com Redirect Virus

Some users may be confused why they got Soraxi.com infection and why it repeated again though they had cleaned it up. Before we refer to the ways to stay away from Soraxi.com redirect virus, we need to mention the possible ways Soraxi.com spreads. Soraxi.com redirect virus may result from malicious browser extensions and other free applications that can be downloaded from web. Hackers utilized exploit kit or Java script technology to discover the vulnerability of browser and system and then inject related malware into applications so that users get Soraxi.com redirect virus from them. In this way, users should be cautious about the applications from third party, and it is better to have detection when you download and install a program. Soraxi.com redirect virus is likely to be bundled with adware, malicious toolbar and any suspicious unwanted programs. Besides, websites containing banners are easily attacked by hackers and hided Soraxi.com malware. Soraxi.com also comes with Trojan. Thus, users should keep firewall and antivirus on when you are surfing on the web. To be noticed, a complete removal is necessary and the efficient precaution for Soraxi.com is important as well.


Soraxi.com is classified as creepy browser hijacker with the purpose of promoting commercial ads, sponsored links and various pop-ups. Soraxi.com gets revenue from the ads so that it tries to take over users’ browser hijacker for its malicious intention. Not only the home page, Soraxi.com also alters your favorite search engine to a dubious one, which may cause less security of browser and threats to users’ benefit. However, users can refer to the removal guide above to get rid of Soraxi.com.
Note: if you have any question about Soraxi.com and its removal, please contact with QiSupport 24/7 Online Experts.

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