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How to Remove Soundfrost.org Virus, Remove Soundfrost.org Hijacker

Published by Lucas Allwood on March 19, 2014 on Uncategorized

What Is Soundfrost.org Virus

Soundfrost.org Virus is not a technically virus but a malicious domain which is able to hijack your browser. Soundfrost.org is considered as browser hijacker which can change your default browser settings without your permission. It can infect with any browser including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Soundfrost.org may attack secretly without users’ knowledge and users don’t know how and when it enters browser and computer.

The most typical symptom of being hijacked by Soundfrost.org is that users are redirected to unwanted websites when they click a link on webpage. For example, when users click on “Like” button on YouTube.com, it would turn users to Soundfrost.org which looks like an ad prompted by YouTube. And it seems to have no suspicious issues on Soundfrost.org. However, the pesky domain will constantly appear even though you close the tab and try to open a new one. At that time, you may have been infected with Soundfrost.org virus. Then victims may find that it will pop up lots of ads and suspicious links to its suspicious domain. Soundfrost.org is aiming at promoting SoundFrost, an application alleging to help users download high-quality and free music in high speed. In fact, SoundFrost can be another browser hijacker which will cause your browser taken over by malicious Ask.com and modify search engine to Ask Search. What’s worse, SoundFrost has been reported containing Trojan.Gen and other malware. Besides of SoundFrost, Soundfrost.org may install other potential unwanted programs without users’ consent. Anyhow, we do not suggest users to ignore Soundfrost.org and keep its related application in computer. If you have the need to remove Soundfrost.org virus and its components, please chat with QiSupport Online Experts by clicking this button.

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How to Remove Soundfrost.org and Its Components Manually

Step A: Reset Browser


1.Open Tools menu and choose Manage Add-ons, and then choose “Toolbars and Extensions” in showing window. Select SoundFrost and other related add-ons, and click on Disable All button.
2. In the same window, click on Search Provider. Choose a default search engine as you want.
3. Open Tools menu again and choose Internet Options. Type in new address in the blank for home page. Then click OK.


1.Open Firefox menu and choose Add-ons. Choose Extension, and then select SoundFrost and other related add-ons. Click on Remove button.
2.Open Firefox menu and choose Options. In showing window, type in new address for home page.
3.On Firefox toolbar, find out dropdown button for search engine. Reset a search engine as default.


1.Open Chrome menu and choose Extensions. Select SoundFrost and other related add-ons, click the can image to remove them.
2.Then, click on Settings tab in the same window. Click on Show Advanced Settings, and then reset startup page, home page and search engine.

Step B: Stop the Related Processes

1.Press Window+R to open Run Command Box. Type in “misconfig” and press Enter.

2.Choose Service tab and select SoundFrost Service. Click on Disable button.
3.Choose Startup tab and select SoundFronst.exe. Click on Disable button.
4.Then click OK to save changes.

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Step C: Uninstall Related Program

1.Access to Control Panel, and choose “uninstall a program” and “add/change programs”.
2.In showing window, select SoundFrost and other related programs, and click on Uninstall or Uninstall/Change button.
3.Follow the uninstall button till end.

Step D: Remove the Leftovers

1.Access to Control Panel and choose Folder Options. Choose View tab and highlight “show hidden files, folders and drivers”. Click Ok.
2.Back to local disk and delete infected files related to Soundfrost.org.
Reference: %Profile%, %ProgramFiles% and %UserProfile%
3.Press Windows + R and then type in “regedit” to enter Registry Editor.
4.When window opens, unfold the HKEY folders and navigate the keys and values related to Soundfrost.org and SoundFrost. Delete the related entries.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “WarnonBadCertRecving” = ’0

How Does Computer Get Soundfrost.org Hijacker

Suffered browsers infected with Soundfrost.org may result from having been infected with Trojan like Trojan.Gen.2 and Trojan.Gen.F47V0908. Hackers will inject related Trojan into malicious websites containing illegal contents, normal websites compromised by hackers and free applications users can download from program websites. Besides, hackers may spread the malicious code of Soundfrost.org by adware and malicious links. Once users click on unsafe ads and links pushed by black hat SEO, cyber crooks will utilize java script technology to change the settings of browser so that users are redirected to unwanted websites bafflingly. Having been mentioned the possible way resulting in Soundfrost.org virus, users need to be cautious to avoid the risk of infection.


Soundfrost.org is identified as redirect virus and browser hijacker. The nasty domain is active in the social websites and video websites, and always hit without users’ knowledge. The infected browsers include IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and more. In most cases, users will be redirect to Soundfrost.org when they try to open a new tab or click on some button. Besides, the infected browsers may be altered default settings without permission such as home page and search engine. Suspicious pop-ups and unwanted applications installed on browser and computer may be other symptoms. Therefore, to remove the annoying Soundfrost.org is supposed to be the priority. Users can follow manual removal of QiSupport 24/7 Online Experts or contact with experts for personal tech support, and they will glad to help you.

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Nowadays, more and more applications uses unethical promotion way to adverse their products. Though virus implant can draw more attention and users may install those applications with no consciousness, it is supposed to make trouble and cause cyber security issues for users. We should condemn the malicious behavior and reveal the cyber threats; meanwhile, we need to learn to keep an eye for cyber security issues.

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