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Remove Static.Infoaxe.com Manually, Static.Infoaxe.com Removal Guide

Published by Lucas Allwood on February 24, 2014 on Browser Hijacker

Review of Static.Infoaxe.com

Static.Infoaxe.com is identified as browser hijacker which is related to Infoaxe/Flipora application of Facebook from third party. Static.Infoaxe.com is able to hijack your browser by modifying the default settings of home page and search engine, and then displaying annoying sponsor links to you. Please read the detailed report of Static.Infoaxe.com and its manual removal guide from QiSupport Experts.

How Users Get This Hijacked Virus

In fact, Static.Infoaxe.com is not a technically virus but a malicious domain which can hijack Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Users may get this hijacked infection by installing of Infoaxe or Flipora which is categorized as malware application available to your Facebook account. Users may receive the spam email from Flipora or Indoaxe popping message that a friend wants to follow you or your friend helps you discover great websites they recommended. Once you click the button or the links in the email you may get Indoaxe or Flipora onto your Facebook as well as your browser. Some users may be installed Indoaxe or Flipora in their browser without permission, for it is bundled with free applications you download from program websites. Indoaxe and Flipora advertise that they can help you discover new websites for your favorites, but it just redirect to the unwanted website addressed static.infoaxe.com.

Is Static.Infoaxe.com Reliable?

Static.Infoaxe.com is not a reliable website but typical browser hijacker. Victims can find related extension added on their browser and unexpected changes of they home page and search engine. Though it seems nothing malicious on the page of Static.Infoaxe.com, users also find two search button named of “Web Search” and “Search Web History”. This suspicious search engine is considered to unethically collecting users’ information of online activities and accounts for unknown intention. The search query and shopping history referring to the number, location even password are not safe any more. Besides, this browser hijacker with its related application can access to your email and social network, which may results in plenty of junk mails and privacy leakage.
In this way, users may want to remove Static.Infoaxe.com as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the browser hijacker can not be detected and removed by automatic antivirus programs, so users should use manual method instead. Please follow the removal instruction from QiSupport Personal Tech Service.

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Complete Removal Guide of Static.Infoaxe.com from Computer and Browser

Step A: Remove Related App from Facebook

1.Log in your Facebook and click on gear icon. Choose Account Settings.
2.Choose Apps tab, find out Indoaxe or Flipora and then click X button to remove it.
3.Click on Remove option in following pop-up message.

Step B: Uninstall Related Programs

Windows 7&vista:

1.Click on Start menu and click on Control Panel.
2.Click on Uninstall a program/ Add and remove programs.
3.Select programs related to Indoaxe or Flipora, and then click on Uninstall/Change button. Then follow uninstall wizard till finished.

Windows 8:

1.Enter Start menu and choose Apps button. And type “uninstall a program” in search field.
2.In showing window, select related programs and click on Uninstall/Change button.

Step C: Clean Extensions and Reset Browser


1.Open Tools menu and choose Manage Add-ons. And choose Toolbar and Extensions, disable Indoaxe/Flipora.
2.Back to Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Choose Advanced tab.
3.Click on Reset button and Reset button again in pop-up window.


1Click on gear icon and choose Extensions. Select Indoaxe/Flipora and then click can image to remove.
2.Choose Settings. And then click on Show Advanced settings.
3.In showing window, reset homepage and search engine in Startup, Appearance and Search Engine section.


1.Click on Firefox icon and choose Add-ons. Choose Extension and then select Indoaxe/Flipora. Click on Remove.
2.Back to Firefox menu and choose Help then Troubleshooting Information.
3.Click on Reset Firefox and then Reset button.

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Step D: Remove Registry ENtries

Tips: this step refers to the important part of system running, it is better to back up the keys and values before deleting them.

Windows 7&vista:

1.Open Start menu and type “regedit” in search blank.
2.Navigate the registry entry about Static.Infoaxe.com and Indoaxe/Flipora. Highlight them and right click to delete.

Windows 8:

1.Press Window+R to open Run Command Box and type in “regedit”.
win8 regedit
2.Unfold the entry trees to find out related entries. Select them and delete.


Static.Infoaxe.com is a malicious website capable to temper with the default configuration of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Users suffer from unwanted redirection to Static.Infoaxe.com and suspected search engine. In order to keep safe surfing experience on web, users should remove it quickly. Static.Infoaxe.com may trace your information through its search engine and acquire the contact address of your friends, family and colleague through your email. Therefore, never trust in it and use the website to enter your keywords. To be noticed, it is advisable to pay more attention to the unexpected pop-ups and free application download, because one click by mistake may cause the access of spyware and malware. What’s more, be wary of the attachment without your solicitation, which asks you to activate or sign up. If you have any difficulty in removing Static.Infoaxe.com, please chat with QiSupport professional experts here.

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