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How to Stop Downloadfused.com Pop-up Virus, Adware Removal Guide

Published by Lucas Allwood on May 8, 2014 on Adware

Downloadfused.com Pop-up Virus Description

Downloadfused.com pop-up virus is identified as notorious adware. Downloadfused.com is considered as malicious website which is designed by cyber frauds to promote ads. If you are redirected to web page addressed Downloadfused.com, you had better leave the page and get rid of Downloadfused.com pop-up virus timely.

Downloadfused.com pop-up virus is able to trick users to install unwanted programs from third party. It can block users to access to target website and give fake notification. When users tries to open a tab, it pop-ups that you need to install some media player such as Lightspark Player Pro. Since most of sites require latest version of Flash Player or download official media player related to its video sites, some users wrongly suppose that the install notification is from target website and then agree to install the unknown program without any vigilance. However, users can’t stop the annoying pop-up, and every time you try to open tabs, it keeps on the page and interrupt your web surfing.

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Harms of Downloadfused.com Pop-up Virus

Downloadfused.com is actually ad-supporting platform. It generates traffic and causes block. Similar as Fishcod.com pop-ups and Alert.net-update.com virus, Downloadfused.com makes profit by pay-per-click. Once users install its recommended programs, you may run another potential unwanted program or adware in computer system even download suspicious malware when you click on INSTALL button. Downloadfused.com pop-up virus may bundle with other malware, which may utilize trace cookies to record your data, or looks your FTP and SSH credentials for all of the popular clients currently in use. As time passes, Downloadfused.com pop-up virus and the exotic malware will cause poor performance of the infected machine. Show response, more running errors and program conflicts will result in system crash.

Nevertheless, users have no awareness when and how their computer got this infection. Downloadfused.com pop-up virus can sneak into computer without users’ consent. It can take advantages of browser helper object, shareware and other free programs from third party. It can also distribute its code in sponsored links of adware and compromised websites. When it successfully enters computer, it creates its code in local disk and change the registry in browser files so that computer will runs automatically when web is connected.

How to Stop and Remove Downloadfused.com Pop-ups Completely

It is believed that no one wants to keep the victorious pop-up virus in computer, but it can’t be picked up by antivirus programs and simply rebooting browser also can’t help. Since Downloadfused.com pop-ups seem so sticky, you can try the following removal guide from QiSupport or chat with from the 24/7 Online Experts.

Step One: Modify Hosts Files

1.Access to Run Command Box by holding Windows key and R key together. And then type in “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts”.
2.In showing window, right click on Hosts file and choose open with Notepad.
3.Delete the line address with Downloadfused.com.
4.Open File menu and choose Save to save the change.

Step Two: Clean Infected Files

1.Access to Control Panel and choose Folder Options.
2.Choose View tab in showing window, and highlight “Show hidden files, folder and drivers” item. Click OK.
3.Go to local disk and access to C:\windows\system32 and arrange the files by day. Delete all the related files on the day you found Downloadfused.com pop-up virus.
4.Then, access to Temp file and delete all the related to Downloadfused.com.

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Step Three: Clean the Registry

1.Access to Run Command Box and type in “regedit”.
Run-Registry-Editor-in-Windows-7_thumb< 2.Navigate the entry trees and locate at the values relate to Downloadfused.com. Delete them. img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-4233" alt="registry-editor" src="http://blog.qisupport.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/registry-editor.jpg" width="450" height="354" />

Step Four: Reset Browser


1.Click on gear icon and choose Delete Browser History. Then check “Cookies and websites data” option. Click on Delete.
2.In Tools menu, choose Internet Options. And then choose Content tab. Check the item “turn on pop-up blocker” and click on OK.


1.Open Firefox menu and choose Options> Options. Choose Privacy tab and click on “Remove individual cookies” and then click on Removal All Cookies button.
2.Then choose Content tab and check “block pop-up window” and click OK.


1.Open Chrome menu and choose History. And then choose Clear Browsing Data button. Check item “delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” and click on Clear Browsing Data.
2.Then choose Settings tab. And choose Show Advanced Settings. Click on Content Settings on Privacy section. Check “do not allow any site to show pop-ups” and click OK.
content setting


Downloadfused.com pop-up virus has been reported as spammy adware which is required to remove as soon as possible. Downloadfused.com pop-ups can bring into unwanted programs and do harm to your computer. In this case, users should not believe the fake notification. To be noticed, Downloadfused.com pop-up virus can change the default browser settings and it is cunning in spreading its malicious code, so users need to pay more attention on web surfing and take related precaution.
Note: if you encounter any difficulty in Downloadfused.com pop-ups removal, please feel free to contact with QiSupport 24/7 Online Experts.

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