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Uninstall MyPC Backup from Windows and Mac

Published by Patrick Watts on November 22, 2013 on Uninstall Programs

About MyPC Backup

MyPC Backup claims itself to be a sovereign program to backup various types of documents including the audio ones and even the whole system for it possesses unlimited space. The entire backup process will not bother PC users at all. MyPC Backup is compatible with mobile/ tablet applications, Windows, Mac and Linux. Another highlight of MyPC Backup belongs to the sync function which promise to help PC users load down the backed up files to another computer.


With such amazing functions, MyPC Backup is still an unwanted program firstly because of its pop-up window to show up randomly during the operation even after the backup process had been completed. Qisupport Research Lab has found that downloading Opera from CNET.com will lead to the installation of MyPC Backup without obvious notification of the program. The automatic installation is another factor to drive MyPC Backup away from the most-wanted program list. The main reason for most PC users who want to remove MyPC Backup is the subsequent sluggish PC performance.

Hidden Behavior of MyPC Backup

With the file size of only 4.00 KB, MyPC Backup would not cause the overall slowness on a target computer unless additional items are brought in. MyPC Backup has been taken as virus for a long time. Strictly speaking, it is a program with configurations that would arbitrarily modify registry entries rather than a virus.

As a consequence, it is not that safe to keep programs like MyPC Backup. Vulnerability will come into being to be easily sensed by virus concealed in the Internet. Without strong awareness of Good PC practice and necessary modification on web browser settings to reinforce the security, the chance can be great.

Since it is not a virus and cannot be uninstalled with the way to treat virus. Manual method is recommended to achieve complete uninstall from both Windows and Mac. Below are the steps offered for wide range of PC users to uninstall MyPC Backup. Since the modification in Database is required, circumspection is always in need when going through the steps. If there’s any uncertainty, it is advisable to get help from Qisupport Online Support by clicking on the button.

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Ways to Uninstall MyPC Backup from Windows and Mac


Uninstall MyPC Backup with its own widget.
  1. Right click on MyPC Backup icon on the desktop to select ‘Properties’.
  2. Under the ‘Shortcut’ tab, select ‘Open File Location’.
  3. Press on ‘Remove’ button and hit ‘Next’ to choose ‘Yes’
  4. Be patient to allow MyPC Backup uninstall itself automatically.



Uninstall MyPC Backup from Windows with “Add or Remove Programs” function.

  1. Go into Control Panel from Start menu to select Programs or Add/ Remove Programs.
  2. Choose MyPC Backup and hit the ‘Uninstall’ button on the top of the list or right click on the selected to tap ‘Uninstall’.
  3. Follow the uninstall wizard/ on-screen instruction to uninstall MyPC Backup .


unist my pc backup

Uninstall MyPC Backup from Mac with”Application” function.

  1. Double click on the “Applications” icon.
  2. Search and find MyPC Backup.
  3. When located, press and hold the “Ctrl” (control) button to bring up a table of options and actions.
  4. Click on the operation “move to trash.”



Uninstall MyPC Backup from Windows by modifying/ deleting its registry keys.

Windows 8

  1. Hover mouse to border of any side on the Start screen to enable the Search Charm bar.
  2. Type “‘regedit’/‘regedit.exe’ and press Enter key to bring up its window.
  3. Navigate to the following keys and remove them.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  1. Hold Win key and R key together to launch Run box.
  2. Type ‘regedit’ there and press Enter key to bring up its window.
  3. Navigate to the following keys and remove them:


HKEY_USERS\[letter]+[a series of numbers]\Software\MyPC Backup ([letter]+[a series of numbers] might differ from system to system)


Uninstall MyPC Backup from Mac by removing application preferences and support files
  1. Open the Library folder on personal hard drive.
  2. Look for and remove any files named after MyPC Backup or its developer in the “/Library/”, “/Library/Preferences/”, and “/Library/Application Support/” folders respectively.
  3. Open the Library folder in your Home folder.
  4. Look for and remove any files named after MyPC Backup or its developer in the “~/Library/”, “~/Library/Preferences/”, and the “~/Library/Application Support/” folders respectively.


home folder



MyPC Backup encompasses configuration that results in the confusion of its genuine property as it modifies the registry entries. Be noted that different version of Operating System has different settings. The directory for the settlement of MyPC Backup can exist slight disparity. If the above steps still lead to the reimage of MyPC Backup, one may take the following causes into consideration:

  1. Some vicious items have successfully got into the computer through vulnerability because of the modified registry entries.
  2. The listed directory is not applicable to your system.

Should there be any extra problems happening, welcome to consult Qisupport Online Support for instant help.

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