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How to Uninstall Shopping Assistant, Unwanted Program Removal Guide

Published by Lucas Allwood on July 9, 2014 on Adware, Uninstall Programs

What Is Shopping Assistant

Shopping Assistant is a free program that can be added onto browser as extension. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is also a phone app which is suitable for Android system. Users can download this free application from related browser app store or from program websites. Shopping Shopping Assistant claims to help users for finding the best deals, discounts, sales and coupon information, and give price comparison about the products. It seems to be helpful for the users who like online shopping. However, it may not be popular to some user who didn’t install Shopping Assistant for initial. Shopping Assistant may appear in some users’ computer and browser without their solicitation. Shopping Assistant will pop up many small windows about the related products when users are browsing online store. Though it actually offer some other information about product, but the reality of the showing pop-up ads are suspected and they can’t be stop and cause obsession to most of users. In addition, Shopping Assistant will underline keywords in the text which link to sponsored pages and cause redirection. For these reasons, we suggest users not to keep Shopping Assistant in computer at all, or it will be a threat to browser security and cause further damage. Uses should be aware that Shopping Assistant may contain tracing cookie so that it can collect your recent browsing history and search query, and then give you related commercial ad pop-ups according to your data. Besides, this suspicious program will add other browser extensions without permission. In this way, users’ shopping habit is under control of Shopping Assistant.


How Shopping Assistant Enters Computer

Some users have no idea that how Shopping Assistant enter their computer for they didn’t download or install it. Actually, Shopping Assistant can be bundled with freeware and shareware, which computers will infect with once users download the compromised programs. Users need to pay attention and check if your computer have installed these kind of programs recently including adware, browser extension and other applications developed by Spigot. Moreover, Shopping Assistant can be added on browser when users browse illegal sites containing banned contents. Hackers would utilize exploit kit or backdoor Trojan to open the door and detect the current so that they can sneak into your vulnerable computer without your knowledge. So, be careful to the suspicious pop-ups, and never install a program without read the terms and privacy seriously.

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How to Get Rid of Shopping Assistant Manually

Step A: Remove Shopping Assistant from Control Panel

Access to Control Panel and choose “uninstall a program” or “programs and features”. In next window, choose Shopping Assistant and other suspicious programs that install with Shopping Assistant the same date. Then click Yes when pop-up window ask if you want to uninstall Shopping Assistant.

Step B:Remove Shopping Assistant from Browser


Open Tools menu and choose Manage Add-ons, and then choose Toolbars and Extension tab. And then select Shopping Assistant and other unwanted extensions, and right click to choose Disable All option.


Open Firefox menu and choose Add-on option and then click on puzzle image to enter extension section. Select Shopping Assistant and other unwanted extensions, and click Remove button.


Open customized menu and choose Extension option. And then select Shopping Assistant and click on can image to remove it.

Step C: Remove Leftovers

Pree Windows + R to open Run Command Box and type in “regedit” and press Enter. Navigate the entry tree and delete all the subkeys and values related to Shopping Assistant.

To Sum up

Shopping Assistant is supposed to be potential unwanted programs to users. This program is suspected to give plenty of commercial pop-ups instead of the most useful information promotion message to users. Some users may be tricked to download it and other may be added this program without their consent. Not only can it display non-stopping ads, but also it will hyperlink text and redirect users to the sponsored page. Users should not believe in Shopping Assistant and had better get rid of the potential risk in case it leads to other damage to your personal data and access to your online accounts and passwords. Follow the removal guide from QiSupport Online Experts, and feel free to chat with the 24/7 online technicians if you still have questions about Shopping Assistant and its removal. To be noticed, users should always keep an eye on the potential cyber threats at the time you enjoy the convenient from the web.

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