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How to Uninstall Speedy PC Pro, Remove Potential Unwanted Program

Published by Lucas Allwood on February 27, 2014 on Uncategorized

What is Speedy PC Pro

Speedy PC Pro is a computer optimizer which is aimed at improving your system running speed and accelerating the Internet connection. Speedy PC Pro alleges that it is the certified Microsoft Partner who is able to detect the registry rebated errors in your system and scan the speed issues which you need to manage or remove. In addition, Speedy PC Pro features in system cleaner which can help users to clean the system clutter and sensitive data to protect your privacy. Besides, this PC optimizer claimed that it can scan for ActiveX items that may be harmful to your computer. All of its functions seem powerful for allowing a better performance, quicker speed and neater running environment of your machine, but does it really work?

Is Speedy PC Pro Safe?

Is Speedy PC Pro Safe? The answer must be negative. Since Speedy PC Pro is developed, it has been doubted that it is not so powerful but full of risks. Users may install this PC optimizer through a free online scan stating that your computer is running slow with a detailed data and it has detected numerous running problems. Users may try to download Speedy PC Pro and test if it works. Once users install it, it pretends to test lots of problems and then users find that it seems efficient with the fixing feature. Nevertheless, the function is limited so that users should pay for a full version. However, after spending money you will find that it costs long time for scanning and the security programs in your computer is under the name of removing items. Besides, other related programs are added onto your computer by it. Users may be trust in the program for its slogan and the professional interface. However, we don’t advise users keeping the suspicious optimize tool in computer because users are misled by its unreal scan results.
Note: the efficient method to uninstalling Speedy PC Pro completely is manual removal. Please follow the tutorial below, or ask QiSupport Online Experts for help if you have any difficulty in removing process.

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Three Steps to Remove Speedy PC Pro Completely

Step One: Uninstall Speedy PC Pro Using Control Panel

1.Hold Windows+R together and then type “control panel” for searching.
2.When entering Control Panel, choose Programs and Features.
3.Select Speedy PC Pro and right click to choose Uninstall option.
4.Follow the uninstall wizard till the end.
(Windows 7/vista users can enter Control Panel from Start menu, and then choose Uninstall a program. The rest of steps are the same as Windows 8 tutorial.)

Step Two: Show Hidden Files of Speedy PC Pro

1.Enter Start screen and click on File Explorer.
2.Choose File tab and check “hidden items” and “file name extensions” items.
(Windows 7/vista users can choose Folder Options in Control Panel, and then choose View tab and select “Show hidden files, folders and drivers”.)

Step Three: Clean Entries from Registry Editor

1.Press Windows+S to enter search field, and then type in “”regedit”.
2.Navigate and unfold the entry trees, find out the keys and values related to Speedy PC Pro.
3.Highlight the registry entries and delete them.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\(random/unidentified)”(Default)” = ‘Application’
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\(random/unidentified)\DefaultIcon “(Default)” = ‘%1
(Windows 7/vista users can enter Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in Search blank of Start menu.)

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How to Speed Up PC Manually

Since using an optimizer tool from third party for speeding up computer is not safety sometimes, why not use manual method to deal with the sluggish issues? Follow the efficient and correct tips as below.
1.Uninstall unwanted programs. Go to control panel and select “programs and features” to remove useless programs. Never forget to remove their registries.
2.Manage startup and service. Open Run box and type in “msconfig”. Choose Startup tab to manage automatically running items when booting and disable service in Service tab.
3.Cleanup disk. Type “disk cleanup” in search field, choose the hard driver you want to clean up and check the items.
4.Keep Windows up-to-date.


Speedy PC Pro has been classified as potential unwanted programs. This program is designed for optimizing and accelerating the sluggish operating system of Windows Microsoft but it turns out not as powerful as it promises. Similar as Uniblue SpeedMyUpPC, Speedy PC Pro advertises that it can scan the registry errors, defrag registry, clean junk files and protect privacy even malware defense. On the contrary, it just gives misleading scan results and induces users to purchase the full version. After that, it is like talentless program only occupy system storage. We suggest users to remove Speedy PC Pro and install other reliable program in case that it cleans necessary files in your computer without your knowledge. If you need help of removing Speedy PC Pro completely, please chat with the professional experts from QiSupport Online Tech Service.

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